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Be sure to buy your day or weekend- and parking-tickets in our ticket-shop for fast entrance and less waiting lines at the gate.
- Watercooled / Other car: €10,- per day
- Aircooled VW: FREE

Car Parking Visitors (Watercooled / Daily Cars)
Right next to the entrance we have a big parking. You can park your car there, only €10,- for a full day.

I've a slightly less vintage / old aircooled VW, can I participate?
Sure! Although the show revolves around the vintage VWs (mainly pre-'57) you're welcome to camp and/or visit the show with other aircooled VWs too! They will be parked on a special 'aircooled VW' visitors parking for free!

All aircooled VWs as mentioned in the 'lineup'-page (weekend or day visitors) will be displayed at the show area!