Mijndert Pon (82) deceased

Mijndert Pondeceased on 18 July 2014 at the age of 82 in his hometown, Nijkerk.
He was the director at Pon Automobielhandel, than became president-director at Pon Holdings and in 2001 he stepped down as President-commissioner.
Our deepest condolences go out to Mijndert Pon's family and friends.

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Mijndert Pon (82)

Show Reports!

So many, many, many movies and pictures are spread over the world-wide-web al ready. I'm trying to collect them all on one 'Show Reports' page so you know where to find them! If you have a gallery online that isn't listed be sure to send us the direct-link / URL and your name via the contact page and we will add it to the page! Thanks!


What an EPIC weekend it was!!! We would like to say THANKS to everyone who attended the show, sponsors, traders, volunteers & visitors from all around the globe! YOU made it happen, YOU brought the atmosphere and it was YOU who made the Ben Pon Show a success!!

It was amazing, it still needs to land as so much has happened! So cool to see all those Vintage VWs in Amersfoort! THANKS!

Facts and numbers will follow, but we do know we counted 76 Barndoor buses on the main square on Saturday, a new world record!

We hope to see you back in April 2018!
Thanks again! Michiel & Niels

Photo expo at the train-station on Amersfoort Centraal

You won't be disappointed if you travel via public transport the the Ben Pon Show! As you can check out part 1 of a great Pon's Automobielhandel historical picture exposition in the main hall at the 'Amersfoort Centraal' train-station! Be sure to check it out, also during the weekend!! More pictures can be found on our Facebook page: click here!

Official Ben Pon Show t-shirts

The Official Ben Pon Show t-shirts are ready! Thanks to Xavier Cervera for the design and Scott Carter for the Cool Flo quality production!
They will be for sale at the Information Stand in the 'Verkeerstuin' next to the Food & Drinks area for only €20,-! Be fast, again limited numbers, really!

Official Dashplaques

Okay guys and girls, the official Ben Pon Show dash-plaques have arrived!! Free for all who pre-registered (please bring the letter you received!) and for sale at the info stand as well for only €15,- each!! Printed in limited numbers, so be fast!
You can find the information stand in the 'Verkeerstuin' next to the food & drinks area and the first-aid!

Nr. 11: It's YOU in the news!

This was the last news article about visitors and their cars traveling to the Ben Pon Show in Amersfoort. The last article is about me and my 1953 Barndoor bus and 1951 original Dutch CC Splitwindow Beetle and some last expectations about the show... only a couple of days to go, we're getting exited now!

Read the complete article here (click on the image to read):

85 Barndoors pre-registered!

DAMN! Unbelievable but 85 Barndoors pre-registered to the 1st European Barndoor Gathering & Vintage VW Show!! Be sure to come to Amersfoort and check this out!

 Want to sponsor the event, feel free to contact us via e-mail


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