The Brits are coming...!


The Brits are coming...! The Cool Flo Crew will be organising a UK cruise to the show and proposing to leave on the 18th returning on the 21st.
Living in the UK... well be sure to join them on the road to Amersfoort (NL)!

More info can be found on the 'The Split Screen Van Club' forums: CLICK HERE

Cool Flo Crew

Promo at the EBI#5

More "Ben Pon Show" promo at this years European Bug-In!
We got a lot of good responce so we hope to see you all there, register now!

41 Barndoors at HO2013

The barndoors got counted. The number is 41 Barndoor buses at Hessisch Oldendorf 2013.
34 appeared in the line-up over the 2 days (not all at the same time), 2 stayed in the campsite, 2 were in the swapmeet area and 3 at the Grundmann’s Collection. is (a)live!!

Okay! We worked hard on getting the new website up and running! But IT'S (a)LIVE! Read all about the history, show info, stay up to date via our blog and social media (use #BenPon) and of course get yourself REGISTERED right now (be sure to attach an picture of your car)!!! Thanks again for all the help Jan-Willem

Ben Pon Show promo at HO2013

Thanks to the HO2013 organisation for the "Ben Pon Show" promo this weekend! When I walked on to the square with all the Barndoor's they all got there flyer!
A nice amount of Barndoor busses at Hessisch Oldendorf this weekend! I counted approximately 35/40 of them...? Is there someone who knows the exact number!?

Pré HO2013 BBQ

Yesterday we had a small, but very nice Pré HO2013 BBQ at our garage! I just uploaded some pics of the evening, be sure to check them out on ...enjoy!
Next stop Hessisch Oldendorf, Germany!

Getting in the 'Vintage VW' mood!

To get in the right "Vintage VW" mood be sure to check out my pictures of the Hessisch Oldendorf 2009 Show in the gallery on AirMighty. We are so looking forward to this 2013 event! And we will be there to promote the Ben Pon Show of course! See you there!

At IKW Wanroij's Vintage Show

And there was more promo going on during the IKW Wanroij weekend. We had our banner up at the 'Vintage Show' on Saturday, the only right place to have it displayed during the weekend!

 Want to sponsor the event, feel free to contact us via e-mail


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