What to do on Monday, April 21

Of course you can visit our beautiful city Amersfoort... but you can also visit the guys from Kieft en Klok! Check out the full program from Friday to Monday by clicking here!

Becouse even on Monday the story continues and there is more to see...!
There is NO camping on Sunday night on the show-area, so we advice you to cruise to Renkum on Sunday afternoon. This will take about 40 minutes. There are a lot of small and affordable campingsites in that area, all about 10 minutes away from Kieft en Klok. Although it’s eastern the boys from Kieft en Klok will open their gates especially for this occasion! You are all welcome from 9.00 to 13.00. Have a look, have a chat, have a wake-up cup of coffee. And trust us it’s worth it! There’s really so much to see out there! Afterwards you (just cruise to your ferry and) have a safe trip home. How about that?!

Here's a list of campingsites close by to Kieft en Klok:
- www.quadenoord.nl
- www.dedikkenberg.nl
- www.hetbinnenland.nl
- www.wielerbaan.nl

Kieft en Klok

59 BDs! A new World Record in the making!

YES!! It happened, this is amazing!! We reached the magic number of 59 Barndoors, this means the World Record of 58 Barndoors in one location (record was set during the OCTO Meeting, June 2012 in California) will be broken!

Today's status January 15, 2014 is: 59 Barndoors, 15 Beetles, 53 Splitbuses and 4 other vehicles registered to the Ben Pon Show from 15 countries!!! Who's next!? Register now and be there!

We can't wait to welcome you'll in Amersfoort, the Netherlands!

Barndoor nr. 59, a new World Record in the making!

Not only Barndoors, there's more!

Besides the big amount of Barndoor buses you are also welcome with your "other" Vintage VW!! We already have 15 splitwindow and oval beetles registered, some KDF vehicles, Coachbuilds, etc... be sure to check them out in the participants-gallery and register yourself for the 'Ben Pon Show' in April!

Trailers (queens) are welcome!

Of course we hope to welcome you all driving your Vintage VW to the Ben Pon Show in Amersfoort. But if it's not driveable you can always trailer it, we have more than enough space to park your trailer and yes, even your Barndoor bus project will be counted within the Barndoor line-up record attempt!! So don't hesitate and register now!

On location again...

Been on location today to take some pictures of the camping area, the street where the traders will be during the show and take some shots of the parking area for visitors who are coming to the event with their aircooled VW and non-aircooled VW. Simply to give you an good idea of what to expect when coming to the show on 19-20 April 2014.

13 Countries Registered

December 17, 2013 stats: 42 Barndoors, 13 Beetles, 32 Splitbuses and 3 other vehicles registered to the Ben Pon Show from 13 countries!!! Who's next!? Register now and be part of this event in Amersfoort, the Netherlands!

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