Ben Pon Show Barndoor Screen-Covers

Check out this awesome screen-cover by Fabrik Interiors! How is that for some 'Ben Pon Show' promo! Order your Barndoor FABRIK screen covers, 10% off for those attending the event! See you in Amersfoort!

Convoys from where!?!

The 'Cool Flo Vintage Cruise' taking the ferry from Dover to Dunkerque, via the 'Open House & Lunch BBQ at Klassic Fab EU' in Woerden to Amersfoort.
More info about this:
And on the SSVC Forums:

And there is the 'Northern Convoy to 'Ben Pon Show' European barndoor gathering 19/4/2014'. More info on their Facebook page:

...but there is more coming this way!

Discovering a long-abandoned VW Bus in a garage in NL

This video shows what happened when a car enthusiast got talking to a business acquaintance about an ‘old VW’ they had locked away in a garage which they’d not used for years! A deal was done whereby the VW could be had for free if they promised to restore it, but little did they know what kind of VW they would find…

This bus can be seen at the 'Ben Pon Show' as well!

Is it YOU in the news!!?!

ENG: There has been and will be a lot of attention to the 'Ben Pon Show' in our local newspaper, the 'AD Amersfoortse Courant'. And we are not finished yet... Journalist Willem Meuleman will be writing about you, the visitors and participants to the 1st European Barndoor Gathering & Vintage VW Show aka the 'Ben Pon Show' in the next couple of weeks! Submit a photo of you and your car to him and tell something about yourself and your car. Who knows you'll end up in this Dutch newspaper! Of course I'll collect all the articles on the website and they will be on display during the show! Send your contribution to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you will always get a message back.

'Ben Pon Show' promo on TV

Thanks to all your votes we where able to tell the 'Ben Pon Show' story on local RTV Utrecht television! They visited our garage in where the made some shot's and did a small interview. Be sure to check out the full article here: RTV Utrecht

Ben Pon Show on local TV?!

Okay guys and girls we need your help, can you please vote for us!! If we have the most votes we'll get an item on local RTV Utrecht television and inform everyone in the region about the 'Ben Pon Show' in Amersfoort!

Vote for: "Niels Timmermans uit Amersfoort wil een festival organiseren met klassieke Volkswagens." via

Thanks for the support everyone!!

Vote here!

In the local newspaper AD #033

Thanks to City-Marketing Amersfoort we got in contact with Willem Meuleman, columnist at the newspaper 'AD Amersfoortse Courant'. He came to visit me for an interview. It turned out to be quite a long story about me, AirMighty and the main reason for the visit was about the 'Ben Pon Show'. With a nice intro on the first page and the complete story on page 12 of the local "033" pages within the Dutch 'AD'.

Read the complete article here (click on the image to read):

AD Amersfoortse Courant - p01

AD Amersfoortse Courant - p12

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