Nr. 9: It's YOU in the news!

Simon Bishop is working hard on his 1954 Barndoor and is trying to finish it for a RHD Barndoor Gathering down under. He will not bring it with him to the show as transport from Australia isn't cheap... yes that's correct, Simon will be visiting the 'Ben Pon Show' in Amersfoort all the way from Australia! Awesome and thanks for the support! Only two weeks to go, see you there!

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Snap-360 Photoshoot

Throughout the show and also the days around it it's possible to do a 360-photoshoot of your classic VW. You can visit the Snap-360 studio at about 1.5 miles from the showground and during the event you'll receive a 50% discount by mentioning 'BEN-PON'!
Afterwards you can see your 360-photoshoot 24/7 online, open the doors, bonnet and spin it around. Also you can zoom in on every detail. This is a really cool way to show your car to your friends and family!

Ben Pon Show promo at Volksworld

Great times at the Volksworld Show this year! Saw some very good cars on display, spoke to a lot of friends again and of course we did some 'Ben Pon Show' promo!

Party Bus!

During the weekend the 'Kweenony' DJs from Belgium will be spinning some funky tunes. Also on Saturday evening there will be a party in 'De Rijtuigenloods' where they will make you dance!! So all weekend visitors be sure to join the party starting at 19.30 till 23.30 o'clock! No late night sessions here, so let's start early!

Nr. 8: It's YOU in the news!

From Spain, my friend Carlos Casado - from the Panscrapers - will travel to Amersfoort in his new splitwindow bus! He is really looking forward to this event and we can't wait to welcome him to Amersfoort. Less than four weeks to go!
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BBT Bouncy

Specially for the kids we have a splitbus bouncy at the show. So even your kids can play in style, with great thanks to and support from BBT, Belgium!!

BBT Bouncer

Pon History at the show

What a great morning, I had the honour to look thru the Historical Archives of Pon! So many documents, pictures, brochures, very interesting and cool to see! And I'm happy to be able to share some of it with you all at the '1st European Barndoor Gathering & Vintage VW Show', stay tuned!

Pon Historical Archives

Buildings: De Rijtuigenloods

There are several old historical buildings on the show area which we will use during the Ben Pon Show. Let's start with the first one; when you enter the show you'll find 'De Rijtuigenloods' on your left hand. In this HUGE building wel will have two very special VWs on display (more on that will follow asap). Besides that there are always some cool (old) trains inside which fit perfect in the whole atmosphere of the show. Also we can use it to sit down, relax and buy yourself a drink. We will be placing a part of the photo-expo inside this building as well ...last but def not least, the Saturday night party will be in here! How cool is this!

Here are some pics to get an impression of this building:

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